Starting out as a single fruit and vegetable store, Yaofuji
carries on the aspirations of its founder and is particular
about doing all it can to deliver the best in flavor to its customers.


Store operation, product ordering, treatment of customers, employee education … in all aspects, I take “creation” as the key word in my thought and action. We create stores that help employees make the most of their talents, adapt to change, come together, and excite customers. And to put a smile on the face of all people involved with Yaofuji, I apply myself to management duties with a spirit of gratitude, integrity, and harmony.
I am committed to constant efforts to make Yaofuji an enterprise that will always be patronized by its customers as purveyor they find indispensable.



As a supermarket that started out as a grocery store, Yaofuji prides itself on being second to none when it comes to vegetable flavor and freshness.
The people who shop at Yaofuji are professionals focusing on freshness. To select vegetables that they will want to purchase, I put myself in the position of a buyer at markets and choose articles taking whether I would want to buy them for myself as my standard in purchasing decisions. I discern whether or not our customers’ precious families will think they taste good, and whether or not they are definitely safe and can be eaten with peace of mind. I make absolutely no compromises on these points.
Please enjoy the delicious flavor of the vegetables I have chosen with confidence!



To me, freshness is a matter of course. I am particular about the volume and impact in the eyes of customers, and whether or not customers will buy them again after trying them. We sell the fruits handled by Yaofuji with confidence about them in respect of flavor, appearance, and price. One of our strengths is the ability to purchase and sell in large quantities, because we sell through four stores. “Quality goods at low prices” is the basic rule in business, and customers are not going to become loyal unless we always honor it in purchasing activities.
I am determined to do my best all of the time toward the goal of increasing, even if only a little, the ranks of customers who make a point of coming to Yaofuji for fruit.



Did you know? Yaofuji’s fresh meat is purchased in full sets (whole animals). I am particular about two things. One is to avoid purchasing frozen or refrigerated meat as far as possible, and to buy full sets. In addition, because we process all of the meat in the supermarket, we can prepare slices and cuts that match the use and wishes of the individual customer. We slice beef especially for sukiyaki meals for events and get-togethers, for example. Please don’t hesitate to tell us about the number of portions you need, and what kind of dish you intend to make.
The second thing I am particular about is the display in the store. I regard displays as works of art. We try to create displays that add impact and power to our products, and exercise our ingenuity to prepare layouts that make it easier for customers to buy. If there are products you would like or have preferences that would make you more inclined to purchase etc., please relay them to our staff any time you wish!



It is my mission to see that we get products right from the market into the hands of our customers, day after day, without any trouble.

・ Kawaguchi store: 1 10-ton truck and 1 4-ton truck
・ Tokorozawa store: 2 4-ton trucks
・Nagareyama store: 1 4-ton truck
・Honjo store: 1 4-ton truck

Every day except Wednesday, when it is closed, we carry products from the Ota Market to each store using the trucks noted above. My job is to make sure these products are delivered safely, without any accidents. I am also particular about ingenious ways of loading products in trucks, for example, so they can be more smoothly unloaded upon arrival at supermarkets. Although I do not come into direct contact with the customers, I view my job as important behind-the-scenes work linking the customers and supermarkets, and go about it with a keen sense of responsibility.